Sunday 6th June

A smooth check-in and hassle-free passage through passport control was followed by a surprisingly simple walk through the x-ray area; more often that not, this is the moment when the contents of my bag set pulses racing amongst the security staff. However, it cruised through, and it wasn’t long before we were tucking into a full english at the Giraffe restaurant prior to boarding.

Once I’d settled into my seat, I was soon fast asleep, and 12 hours later we were touching down in a mild Johannesburg, where (avoiding a few complications with our car hire arrangements) we were on our way to Park Lodge in Randburg, which was to be our base for the next 6 weeks.

When we arrived at around 1am (by grounding 1 of 2 VW Tourans on the entrance ramp), we were welcomed by our hostess, Louise, who gave a us a quick breakdown of what was what and where everything was, before we settled in to our self-designated rooms and got our heads down…knowing that in about 4 hours, we all had to be up to go to the airport for our first pick-up run of the week.


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