Wednesday 9th June

Following my previous 2 early starts, I’d decided not to be part of anything that involved waking up earlier than 8am. This meant that almost everyone was out of the house when I rose, either at the airport or in Rustenburg for England training. I decided to go back to Soccer City, this time with Valeria and Tim (and an Austrian, Mario, who drove us) at 9.30am. A press conference and on-pitch presentation with all the musicians due to perform in the pre-World Cup concert on Thursday evening was scheduled for 11.30am.

We arrived, and soon enough headed into the stadium. A couple of official tournament footballs were hanging around, so we arranged one of them on the edge of the pitch for a photo looking up at the orange stands. This made for easily the nicest pic of the day.

We were then introduced to the artists…including the Black Eyed Peas and John Legend (but no Alicia Keys or Shakira, who were elsewhere). Sidelight and dark subjects made for an unpleasant set of pictures, although Fergie (from the BEP) didn’t look too shabby. All in all, not the most productive half day spent there, but I did get a lie-in. 😉

We arrived back to hear that Leechie, Bellis and Kleiney were on the booze, along with Chris who’d brought them back from the airport. Bellis soon returned, along with Matt, so we gave it a couple of hours and then went out to find the others. We got down to the Brightwater Commons shopping centre, a small arcade-style shopping centre with a supermarket, cafes, restaurants,, a gym etc., where they said they were currently buying more beers to bring back to the Lodge. We missed them by a few minutes, so we did a bit of our own shopping and then headed home.

Leechie and everyone were in(to) good spirits…in the evening, we went back to Luigi’s in Boskruin for another fine Italian dough-based meal. Again, we met up with David from MexSports, and we decided it would be a good idea for us to see where each other’s houses were, to make the car-sharing situation a lot easier. Chris and I volunteered to go back with David to see his place, and then he’d take us back to the Lodge and could understand where we were staying too. Upon arrival, we were offered the largest Barcadi & Cokes available…tumblers with huge bricks of ice wedged into them, and then half full with rum and topped up with Coke. Although I’m not a big rum fan, it would’ve been rude to turn down the offer, and so down went the Barcadi…an hour later, and what felt like 3 pints of rum later, we made our way back to the Lodge with David, sniggering quietly so as not to disturb Leechie, who was snoring away on the sofa.


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