Wednesday 30th June

The boozers arrived back at the Lodge at about 7.45am…an epic night was had by all accounts! Chris, in particular, had some tales to tell, leaving someone at the gates to the Lodge before walking through the front door. Fortunately, with 2 days off now here, it didn’t matter, and the Lodge kicked into life around midday, way after our maid had turned up…she was already cleaning the place from top to bottom and washing bags of laundry that had materialised in the kitchen.

We soon decided to go for some lunch, and headed to the Newscafe just round the corner, where we sat in the sun on the terrace. While I tried the Vietnamese Beef Salad with my large orange juice (not something I’ll be keen to repeat too soon I don’t think), Chris kicked things off with a neon Strawberry milkshake…

When we got home, I used the quiet time to wander round the Lodge and grounds to take a few snaps for memory’s sake, even if it was becoming more and more clear that our future memories of the Lodge would be mostly of a dark, cold house behind a high wall, electricrically-operated main gate and electric security fence. I found the rugby ball that had been stuck in the tree since Leechie’s efforts a few days earlier, and the massive puncture holes that it bore as well.

As people slowly returned from various places and Mongo put the finishing touches to his bag-packing in readiness for his departure, we decided to have a team group photo on the disused tractor in the garden, something that had first been suggested by Leechie a fortnight or so ago. A 10-second timer on my camera with 14mm lens and flash set up on Marc’s mini tripod on the grass did the job.

Soon enough, Mongo was squeezing into the car (despite mine and Kleiny’s best efforts), and with a few paps later, Bellis was driving him off to the Gautrain Station in Sandton for his trip to the airport.

The rest of the afternoon was spent editing, swapping music libraries, and thinking about what to for dinner; an issue that eventually led to us getting a (very poor) takeaway from Luigi’s…I had mozzarella salad and Carbonarra, others had some similar courses, but none of us were even remotely impressed with it. To make matters worse, Kleiny and Bellis told us when we got back from Luigi’s that they found a cockroach in the kitchen whilst cooking up their dinner…nice!

As they all settled down to watch the only English programme on TV – the film ‘A League Of Their Own’, I got writing once agai n, and then went to bed myself, where I set up my laptop on the dressing table stool and watched 1 of 2 films I brought with me – ‘Kick Ass’.

Great film, just what I needed to take my mind off football for once this trip! With Marc out like a light in the next bed, in went the earphones and 2 hours later, I was gone too.


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