Sunday 4th July

Independance Day started with a trip to the Mugg & Bean for breakfast (how original!) following a late lie-in that I woke up from at 11.30am…Simon had started to cook scrambled eggs, but the moment I mentioned I fancied something out, he dumped the lot and had no hesitation in joining myself and Cath in Bromhof. Joe was still in bed nextdoor, as was Kaz, so off we went and enjoyed yet another breakfast at our favourite local establishment.

On our way back, we suddenly decided that we would go to Soccer City for a couple of hours, to catch up on a few things, namely finding hotels for Durban and booking an extra car for our final week. We picked George up and got to the stadium for 3.15pm, where we made our way into the strangley-quiet media centre and set up in front of a TV screen showing the Wimbledon Mens’ final between Thomas Berdych and Rafael Nadal, a match that didn’t take long to finish as Nadal stormed to a second championship in 3 years. Although the coverage was direct from the BBC, it was strange seeing a constant advert for Spar positioned in the top-right corner of the screen, and seeing adverts screened during every end change too, as broadcaster Supersports relayed the action to South Africa.

Cath brought me a chocolate brownie (that I hadn’t even requested!) as she came back from the McCafe, along with my new favourite drink, Minute Maid Orange Juice…ice cold, in a can.

A few hours later and we were back at the Lodge, complete with George, ready for dinner. We arrived home to a lit fire in the dining room log burner…a sight for sore eyes. At last, the cold, unappealing air of the main social space in the Lodge had changed, and it was suddenly a room we were all happy to be in. However, as happy as we were, we were equally hungry, and soon headed out to a Mediterranean restaurant nearby, where I enjoyed a feta salad and a chunk of steak. I drove everyone back to the Lodge before nipping round the corner to drop George off. On my way back, I rang Meggy and we spoke for 5 minutes or so before my phone beeped with a lack of credit just as I pulled into the driveway…it had cost me £5! She rang me back and we had a really nice chat for a good 20 minutes or so, catching up on all sorts, including her awesome news about landing an NQT training spot at her school for 3 weeks! She sounded like she was going to have a lot of work to do over the coming weeks, but it’s exciting nonetheless, and nothing but what she deserves!

The warmth of the log burner was a godsend as I walked back into the house, and I enjoyed a few minutes there before heading off to bed.


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