Friday 9th July

I woke up at 11am, and soon enough had Simon Bellis filling me in with the details of his sleepless night thanks to our interuptions. It turns out that Leechie’s cab dropped him off down the road at 2am, when he then buzzed to get in, I got back at 4am (and buzzed to get in)…and Chris and Kleiny arrived home at 6am, buzzing to get in. All in all, his broken night’s sleep meant that tiredness really kicked in early in the afternoon, and he nodded off on the edge of the bed he’d tried all night to sleep on.

All of us were casually surfing the newly-present internet in the Lodge, or sleeping, or just generally relaxing. Leechie got up off the sofa he was snoozing on at one point to investigate the damage to his face done by Kleiny’s head, taking a picture on his Lumix to create a Crimewatch-esque mugshot. I did very little myself, other than catch up with my diary and write a few emails to people, spending most of the day sat up in bed feeling tired and hungover.

In the evening, Nikon laid on a party for all WC accredited photographers, something they apparently do at every major tournament. We’d all emailed Chantal, the organiser at Nikon, during the week to let her know that we were happy to accept the invitations, but as the day dragged on and the amount of energy inside me remained at an all-time low, I made the decision to sack it off, along with Leechie, Bellis and Joe, and instead we went back to the Ocean Basket for dinner and a couple of drinks. Although it would’ve been good to go to the Nikon do (and collect a complimentary long lens bag worth over £100 – most of the reason most people were going), I just couldn’t muster up the energy to get out and socialise.

When we got back, the Nikon attendees weren’t far behind, free bags in hand. Chris and Kleiny weren’t with them; we were told they’d stayed out to come home later. Bellis reacted instantly, grabbing a screwdriver and attempting to disable the intercom which had so massively disturbed his previous night’s sleep, which was located just feet from his pillow.

It was by far the quietest day of the tournament for me, but there and then it was a necessity.


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