Thursday 8th July

I was afforded just over 4 hours’ sleep before my alarm went off, reminding me that I needed to pick Leechie up from the Gautrain station in Sandton after his flight up from Cape Town. I snoozed it, and woke up 5 minutes later…and snoozed it again. This went on for half an hour or so before I realised I was late, and crawled out of bed to make my way over there. By the time I got there, he’d been waiting a good 40 minutes, but I’m sure he understood why I was on the drag.

We got back to the Lodge, and it was soon obvious that I wasn’t going to be getting any more sleep. He was keen to go for some lunch, so the 2 of us walked down the road to Brightwater Commons, where we sat down for something to eat at a Moroccan / Algerian restaurant which was generous with it’s portions, as long as it involved meat. A lamb-heavy lunch was washed down with a bottle of red wine between us (despite not being known for my love of red wine, it was hard to say no when the boss was focussed on what he wanted to eat and drink!), and we then wandered down the pathway to the McGinty’s pub a few of us had been too the previous week, together with Chris and Kleiny who had joined us. They insisted on drinking Guinness, and before I could say anything, there were 4 pints of it on the bar in front of us. The only pint of Guiness I’ve ever had was during my hockey club initiation at Uni, and I haven’t had it since…it may have something to do with the milk and dog biscuits that were in it that day, but whatever the reason, I’m not a fan. Strange how you can stomach something under pressure…3 pints of the stuff later and we were walking home, well on our way to an unplanned but inevitable big night out.

We got on the cider (Savanna) when we got back to the Lodge, where I had to get changed from shorts and flip flops into something slightly warmer. Meanwhile, Leechie was well on his way, instructing Valeria to ‘dance bitch!’ (something she luckily took with a pinch of salt!) before strutting around the lounge to the sounds of Elvis’ ‘Hounddog’, and diving onto Kleiny and Bellis on the sofa.

Once we’d decided where we wanted to go, Simon said he’d do the honours, and drove us into town. Leechie spent the whole journey slapping Kleiny on the side of the head every 30 seconds, and it took a good few minutes before he reacted, but when he did, he launched himself onto the back seat for a scuffle, accidentally headbutting Leechie in the process! The black eye came up almost instantly. Although the area we’d had suggested to us as a good night out seemed dead, we did find 2 bar worth looking at, and headed in there for some Savannas and shots, before moving on to another bar (which was very ‘dark’, and we felt slightly out of place!) before going to a club. It was at this point that we all lost each other…we’d stuck Leechie in a taxi home at the previous bar when we realised he was almost beyond help, so when the 3 of us got to this club, we drifted our seperate ways, and that was it until the morning. With little phone signal and no idea where everyone was, I got a (very expensive) taxi home on my own at 4am, where I had to buzz the Lodge to get into the main gate. A tired Mr. Bellis let me in and to bed I went.


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