European Football

Whenever I get the chance to photograph a club from the European mainland, it’s usually the atmosphere rather than the action on the pitch that makes it something to look forward to. Over the past decade or so, English clubs have done fairly well in the Champions League, and as a result,  have shown it a great deal of respect, reflecting the competition that it is. In the same sense though, they have traditionally looked down on it’s ‘little sister’, the Europa League (or the UEFA Cup as it used to be known) and consequently, attendances are usually poor and interest minimal.

I covered Manchester City’s Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund of Germany on Wednesday this week, and then Liverpool’s Europa League tie against Italian side Udinese on Thursday. The German fans created the most hostile environment they could (which the stewards did their best to dilute at every opportunity). The Udinese fans, on the other hand, were fairly reserved, even when their side came from behind to snatch victory at Anfield…


A one-fingered salute of abuse from the Dortmund fans


The Liverpool and Udinese players line up on the pitch at Anfield before kick-off


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