Retain Your Copyright!

I received an email this week from a representative of a TV production company, Shine TV. They explained that they were putting together a BBC factual series which features, amongst others, a former Framlingham College pupil, and someone of whom I’d taken pictures in the past. They were writing to ask permission to use two of my pictures as part of the series, attaching a release form for me to complete and return to them. The email read as follows…


Dear Simon,

I hope you’re well.

We’re currently in the process of putting together a BBC2 factual series featuring an ex-student from Framlingham College. As part of the programme, we’d like to feature 2 images of him playing sport during his time at the College, which I believe you may have taken.

With that in mind I’m writing to ask your permission, as the copyright owner, to use the images and have included them for your reference below.

If you’re happy for us to go ahead, can you please fill out and sign the attached form and either scan and email it back to me, fax it, or alternatively I can pop it in the post to you with a stamped return envelope and you can post it back to me.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Many thanks and best wishes,



I was happy enough with the request, and saw no reason why I shouldn’t license the images, so with a bit of negotiation on price, we came to an agreement. It was pleasing to know that, having kept the copyright to the images, not only was it good of the school to pass on my details, but equally, it was nice to know that, in this digital age, true professionals still respect the ownership of images.




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