Canon EOS 1DX

On Tuesday evening, I received an email telling me that the new camera I was waiting for was finally ready. I travelled down to London on Wednesday morning to meet Mark from Offside at Calumet in Drummond Street, just around the corner from London Euston station…not more than 300yds from where I stepped off my delayed 09.56 Virgin train. They were hosting a trade event that day, so the store was bustling with people looking to snap up the next big thing, and almost as many sales people looking to sell it. After almost 3 hours and a host of administrative formalities, I was on my way…carrying with me a brand new Canon EOS 1DX…


Canon EOS 1DX


Having used the camera extensively during this summer’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, as well as the London 2012 Olympics too, I knew what the camera could do before I bought it. However, having not shot any football with it before, let alone any corporate or commercial work, I’m well aware that what I’ve experienced so far is just a fraction of what it is capable of, and that there is still a lot to learn.


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  1. As a Nikon user and a huge fan of all things Nikon, even I will quite happily say I am rather jealous of this… Enjoy!

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