This, That & The Manchester Derby

Having neglected my blogging duties over the last couple of weeks, I thought the best (and, frankly, easiest) thing to do would be to post a selection of photos taken during that time.

It all starts at Old Trafford, where Manchester United played West Ham United in the Barclays Premier League…


Manchester United vs. West Ham United

England U16 vs. Scotland U16

Manchester City vs. Everton

Burnley vs. Blackburn Rovers

Manchester United vs. CFR Cluj

Wigan Athletic vs. Queens Park Rangers

This run of various football matches culminated in the biggest game of the season so far: the Manchester derby. The game enjoyed a build-up like nothing before, and was already being billed as an early title-decider. A match like this needs a huge amount of coverage – not only will the game-changing moments affect the outcome of the season, but every aspect of the match was always going to be scrutinised and analysed for days, if not weeks to come. Goals, celebrations, fouls, incidents, fans, managers, violence, chanting, banners…this match would have it all, and it didn’t disappoint.

Well, not from a spectator’s point of view. And to be honest, not from a photographer’s point of view either, and that’s coming from someone who, for 89 minutes, thought he was at the right end for everything. That was, until Man Utd scored a late winner, celebrated in front of their fans, were pelted with missles from the crowd, and walked off victorious…all roughly 100 yards from where I was sat. At times like that, you just have to accept that you can’t be everywhere (well, most of us can’t be) and you just shoot what you can.

Here are a few pictures of mine from the match at the Etihad Stadium…


Manchester City flags attached to the seats before the match

Actor Tom Cruise arrives to watch the match

Tom Cleverley of Man Utd skips over a challenge from Sergio Aguero of Man City

My remote camera captures Wayne Rooney’s 2nd goal as it beats Man City goalkeeper Joe Hart

Man Utd goalkeeper David de Gea celebrates their late winner

Sergio Aguero of Man City slides in too late as the ball rolls away from him


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