Whitgift School

I recently travelled down to Whiftgift School in Croydon, Surrey, to photograph a number of activities for a sport-specific prospectus they’re putting together in 2013. Whitgift is famous for it’s tradition of sporting excellence, consistently producing top-class sportsmen across a wide range of different fields, and as a consequence, the school continues to invest in coaching and facilities to sustain the high standards they’ve become known for. In addition to some work I did for them last summer, they wanted me to photograph some specific sports with specific pupils involved, the difference this time being that they wanted ‘tight’ action shots of peak moments, as opposed to more general views of the facilities which was my previous brief.

Shooting for a prospectus meant I had to keep my framing slightly loose to allow them to fit their text around the images, but at the same time, I had to ensure the pictures had an immediate impact the moment they’re seen, showing dynamic action, focussed facial expressions and textbook technique.

It’s often hard to combine all the elements of a strong sports action photograph into each and every shot on a job like this…the nature of the day meant it was especially hard with the limitations of preparation time and the availability of pupils…not to mention the problems when a number of them turned up wearing incorrect kit! It was almost impossible to exploit different angles – very little overhead stuff, not a lot of graphic shapes and lines to work with, so I had to do the best I could with what was in front of me…a lesson in thinking on your feet, and perhaps forgetting the folio-chasing thoughts of the Olympic Games.

Below are a few shots from the day…nothing spectacular by any means, but some nice clean images for the publishers to work with…


Whitgift Tennis


Whitgift Basketball


Whitgift Squash


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