Danny Boy

I was at Anfield on Saturday to photograph Liverpool’s 5-0 victory over Norwich City in the Barclays Premier League. There was only one main aspect to my brief, which was to concentrate on man-of-the-moment Daniel Sturridge, the club’s new £12m signing from Chelsea. I decided to shoot Liverpool attack both halves, regardless of the score, as I knew Sturridge wasn’t one for doing much defending. Fortunately for me, not only did he score, but I got quite a nice sequence of his goal, Liverpool’s 3rd, from my position tight in to the goal on the manager’s side at the Kop end of the ground.


Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool scores their 3rd goal against Norwich City
Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool scores their 3rd goal against Norwich City


Talking to a number of colleagues after the match, it became clear that, for various reasons, not everyone had got the goal. From my point of view, this was good to hear…I was happy with the picture anyway, with defenders, goalkeeper, striker and ball all together, as well as having the goalpost as a reference point in the frame too, to show where he scored from. The next day, I was pleased to see that a number papers, including the Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Times, also appreciated the picture enough to run it on their front pages…


Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Telegraph


Sunday Times
Sunday Times



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jolley says:

    Good Work 🙂

  2. Bitter snapper says:

    Same picture in more than one paper, surely the evil hand of gans………

    1. Bitter snapper says:

      Well done none the less👍

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