I Took That

On Wednesday last week, the day after Real Madrid’s victory over Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League, I made my way down to the Focus On Imaging trade show in Birmingham with a couple of colleagues, primarily to visit a handful of companies I’m considering using for my wedding photography products. Whilst I was there I received a phone call from the Irish Examiner newspaper. They wanted to know a) if they could use my Ronaldo goal picture the next day, and how much it would cost, and b) if they could conduct a short interview to complete a column called ‘I Took That‘, based on my experience, as the photographer, of capturing that winning moment.

Having already seen what I needed to see at Focus, I saw no problem in answering a few questions before heading home later that afternoon. I asked them to email the questions to me, along with an example of a previous response they’d had for the same piece, just to give myself something to go by and to see how many words they’d be expecting to use. I suggested they call Offside for a price on the picture, and then soon after, replied to the email. The next day, they ran the following…

Article in the Irish Examiner newspaper
Article in the Irish Examiner newspaper



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