Celebrations & Dejection – Football’s Highs & Lows

Regardless of what sport you’re watching, the image of jubilation is one that reminds us why sportsmen and women around the world strive to be the best they can, and what it means to them to succeed. Whether it be a last-minute goal or try scored, a match-winning backhand cross-court winner, or the last-gasp dip to pip a rival to the line after a 10,000m duel…the outpouring of emotion that follows such climatic moments often provides photographers with the opportunity to summarise a result or moment in one frame.

The same can be said for dejection. Head in hands, losing heavily and a contest out of reach…the desperation of a sportsman whose futile attempts to rescue what is already beyond them paints a sad and often lonely picture.

Football keeps on giving. Many players perform so-called ‘trademark’ celebrations – gestures they’ve become known for. Others display their joy without a moment’s thought, allowing their emotion to orchestrate a natural reaction. Throughout the course of a football season, the sport provides us with plenty to capture. Being in the right place at the right time with the right lens and your finger on the trigger helps. Here are some highs and lows I’ve managed to capture over the years – all pictures are available through Offside Sports Photography


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