Offbeat: Football – Rough Around The Edges

The Premier League – a product sold to billions right around the world – is portrayed as the ultimate example of the beautiful game. Wrapped in Sky Sports’ glossy packaging, it has become a sporting behemoth, irresistible to viewers and advertisers alike. Clubs’ pre-season tours to America, the Far East and Australia illustrate the reach that the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and so on have…year on year, demand for their product continues to grow.

With this image comes the illusion that the sport really is perfect. The systematic consistency with which the show is relayed to the viewer eventually becomes normality, creating a situation where nothing less than perfection will suffice. The glamourisation of every aspect of Premier League football suggests an almost unreachable purity. That’s television for you. TV will strive to show perfection. They will do everything they can to protect the appearance of the immaculate product they’ve invested so heavily in. That’s what makes it all the more satisfying when you catch a glimpse of imperfection, a glimmer of normality or humour among the usually-robotic proceedings.

Social networks have becomes theatres for the eagle-eyed. There’s nowhere to hide, nothing is forgotten. I’ve captured a few moments over the years. They’re not like they used to be – today, many of the game’s characters have long since retired. Keep your eyes peeled though, you’ll still see something odd from time to time…


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  1. Alan Martin says:

    Well, that’s the nicest pic of Wayne Rooney that I’ve ever seen (the one in his United kit rather than his Everton one). His mum’s bound to want a copy.
    First game tonight for me, having managed to avoid last weekend and pre-season friendlies.

    1. If it’s Oldham v Wigan, then I’ll see you there. If it’s not, then I won’t!

      1. Alan Martin says:

        This is the guy we were taling about last night, Simon.

        What we should do sometime is to spend an afternoon playing around with various lighting setups. I have a setup based on Speedlites and PocketWizards.

      2. Sounds like a plan, Alan…cheers!

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